Why should donors give through CFCNCA?

There are many benefits to donating through the Combined Federal Campaign. These include:


Lower cost to charities. CFC is free for charities to participate in. This is money that charities will not have to use on marketing and fundraising. In addition, the large campaign model helps keep overall fundraising costs lower than if charities were soliciting donations individually. Finally, CFC funds are unrestricted and provide charities with a critical source of revenue throughout the year.

More choices. CFC includes more than 18,000 charities across the country.

Ease of giving. Through CFC, donors can choose to give through check, credit, debit, e-check, or payroll deduction

Giving more. Based on our campaign records, payroll deduction pledges are usually significantly higher than one time donations. Contributing through the CFC allows payroll donors to give a little each month that adds up to a significant gift by the end of the year. CFC also makes it easy to give to multiple organizations with one pledge.

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